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Advertising with Hop On Hop Off Tours

Develop a Following
Our Brochures Maps and Website Advertising can generate serious buzz about your company, tour, attraction or event. The most effective ads are those that people can not ignore. By purchasing our advertise, your ad is seen all over Pattaya & Jomtien and demands to be read.

We'll Do All the Work
Hop on Hop off's sales staff can coordinate your program every step of the way. From artwork to printing to installation, we can handle as many aspects as needed. We will work to get your message on the road quickly so you get immediate exposure.

Make an Impact!
Greater reach and frequency: Reach more of the market, and with more frequency.

The Right Place at the Right Time: Your ads are seen at the best possible time-when people are out of the hotel, house or office and ready to respond.

Reach people all day, every day: Your ads are seen non-stop by people, seven days per week.

Super Value: Our Brochures Maps and Website Advertising costs less than television, radio, newspaper or billboards.

Captive Audience: Our exterior Brochures Maps and Website Advertising are seen by motorists behind and beside the bus, often in stopped traffic. Pedestrians notice yours ads too! People riding the bus see both the interior and exterior advertisements.

Brand Recognition: Brochures Maps and Website Advertising stimulate immediate recogintion of who you are, what you have to offer and where to find you. The larger-that-life  impact makes your business appear larger than life and builds exceptional recall when people are seeking your product or service. Bus ads also complement and reinforce your overall advertising program.


Rules & Regulations
The subject matter of all on-Brochures Maps and Website Advertising shall be limitted to speech which proposes solely a commercial transaction. The advertisements must contain only expressions related to the economic interest of the advertiser and its audience. Non-commercial advertisements that add an offer to purchase some items containing a non-commercial message are not permitted by and which Hop On Hop Off Tours deems to be false, misleading, libelous, deceptive, relating to an illegal activity, which contains explicit sexual material obscene material, or material harmful to minors, which advertises tobacco products, which d      prohibited by federal, provincial or local laws or regulations, which presents a clear and present danger of causing riot, disorder or other immediate threats  to public safety, peace, or order, or which is a political advertisement, which includes but is not limited to advertisements identifying and urging support for in opposition to a particular political issue, party or candidate for public office.

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